Nov. 2, 2019

#BehindTheCurtain 8: The 1 LinkedIn Hack Everyone Should Be Utilizing for Conferences w/ Logan Lyles

You go to a conference. You make tons of excellent connections. Directly after, you want to follow up with all your new contacts. If you think, “I’ll put this new contact list into my automated email sequence (Drip, Outreach, HubSpot, SalesLoft,...

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You go to a conference. You make tons of excellent connections. Directly after, you want to follow up with all your new contacts. If you think, “I’ll put this new contact list into my automated email sequence (Drip, Outreach, HubSpot, SalesLoft, etc.)...”

Guess what … that’s likely what everyone else is doing.

On this #BehindTheCurtain episode, Logan Lyles (Director of Partnerships at Sweet Fish Media) explains how to use the “swap contact info” directly in the LinkedIn mobile app.

What we talked about:

i. Post-conference follow-up

ii. Personalized video

iii. LinkedIn

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WEBVTT 1 00:00:00.120 --> 00:00:04.519 Want to expand the reach of your content, start a podcast, feature industry 2 00:00:04.639 --> 00:00:08.910 experts on your show and leverage the influence and reach of your guests to grow 3 00:00:08.990 --> 00:00:18.670 your brand. Learn more at sweetfish MEDIACOM. You're listening to be tob growth, 4 00:00:19.109 --> 00:00:23.500 a daily podcast for B TOB leaders. We've interviewed names you've probably heard 5 00:00:23.500 --> 00:00:27.379 before, like Gary Vander truck and Simon Senek, but you've probably never heard 6 00:00:27.460 --> 00:00:31.699 from the majority of our guests. That's because the bulk of our interviews aren't 7 00:00:31.739 --> 00:00:36.289 with professional speakers and authors. Most of our guests are in the trenches leading 8 00:00:36.329 --> 00:00:41.170 sales and marketing teams. They're implementing strategy, they're experimenting with tactics, they're 9 00:00:41.210 --> 00:00:45.729 building the fastest growing BTB companies in the world. My name is James Carberry. 10 00:00:45.770 --> 00:00:49.329 I'm the founder of sweet fish media, a podcast agency for BB brands, 11 00:00:49.490 --> 00:00:52.600 and I'm also one of the cohosts of this show. When we're not 12 00:00:52.719 --> 00:00:56.600 interviewing sales and marketing leaders, you'll hear stories from behind the scenes of our 13 00:00:56.600 --> 00:01:00.560 own business. Will share the ups and downs of our journey as we attempt 14 00:01:00.600 --> 00:01:04.549 to take over the world. Just getting well, maybe let's get into the 15 00:01:04.629 --> 00:01:14.069 show. Welcome back to the BB grows show. I'm your host for today's 16 00:01:14.069 --> 00:01:17.310 episode, Logan my miles with sweet fish medium. Today is going to be 17 00:01:17.469 --> 00:01:21.140 another episode in our behind the curtain series. I want to share with you 18 00:01:21.260 --> 00:01:26.060 a strategy for event follow up that I've found to be very effective. So 19 00:01:26.219 --> 00:01:30.379 one of the challenges post event or post conference is always that our prospects in 20 00:01:30.540 --> 00:01:36.090 boxes are a flooded mess. One, they're catching up from days away from 21 00:01:36.090 --> 00:01:40.329 the office, so they've got more than usual probably sitting in their unread section 22 00:01:40.730 --> 00:01:45.250 of their inbox. Number two, everyone they connected with it they scan to 23 00:01:45.290 --> 00:01:49.920 badge with, connected with on Linkedin or exchange business cards with, is probably 24 00:01:51.359 --> 00:01:57.200 loading them into a drip outreach hub, spot sales loft, some sort of 25 00:01:57.319 --> 00:02:01.950 automated email sequence. So why do we continue to fight for attention in that 26 00:02:01.989 --> 00:02:07.030 already cluttered inbox post event, even if we've had a great conversation with them 27 00:02:07.069 --> 00:02:10.550 at the conference we've just come from? It's very likely that we are just 28 00:02:10.710 --> 00:02:15.389 going to be part of the noise and lost in the shuffle. So I 29 00:02:15.509 --> 00:02:20.139 want to give you a step by step process to stand out from the crowd 30 00:02:20.180 --> 00:02:23.979 and have more effective event follow up. And linkedin is a big part of 31 00:02:24.060 --> 00:02:29.419 this strategy. You've heard US talk a lot on this show about the effectiveness 32 00:02:29.419 --> 00:02:34.610 of putting out content on Linkedin, but linkedin is still obviously a very great 33 00:02:34.770 --> 00:02:38.889 networking side, not just for putting out content. So one of the things 34 00:02:38.050 --> 00:02:43.250 I do at conferences here at sweet fish. We have no physical business cards. 35 00:02:43.449 --> 00:02:46.360 We've not invested in that. Instead, I keep my phone at the 36 00:02:46.439 --> 00:02:50.080 ready. We are all walking around with our phones right, but I have 37 00:02:50.280 --> 00:02:53.719 my linkedin APP right on my home screen ready to open. So as I'm 38 00:02:53.759 --> 00:02:59.110 having a conversation with someone, I can open up linkedin. At the top 39 00:02:59.310 --> 00:03:01.509 of the APP, in the area where you're normally searching for a name, 40 00:03:01.870 --> 00:03:06.710 there's a little icon that a lot of people just glanced right over every day 41 00:03:06.750 --> 00:03:10.389 as they're in the mobile linkedin APP. In the right hand section of that 42 00:03:10.629 --> 00:03:15.740 search bar is a little icon that looks like a Qr Code. If you 43 00:03:15.860 --> 00:03:21.219 touch that it opens up a screen where you can scan someone's Linkedin Qr Code 44 00:03:21.340 --> 00:03:24.620 or you can show yours and if you and the prospect or person you're talking 45 00:03:24.699 --> 00:03:29.449 with at the event both do that, one of you can scan the bar 46 00:03:29.610 --> 00:03:34.650 code of the other and you will instantly be first degree connections on Linkedin. 47 00:03:35.090 --> 00:03:39.610 No invite needed, no pending status to that connection request and now you are 48 00:03:39.689 --> 00:03:45.360 connected with that person. What is nice to leverage from there is that first 49 00:03:45.360 --> 00:03:49.840 degree connections on Linkedin. You can obviously send a message without it going through 50 00:03:49.960 --> 00:03:53.120 Inmail, which is a great step. But a lot of people don't realize 51 00:03:53.120 --> 00:04:00.469 that within the messaging you can do a personalized voice message or a recorded one 52 00:04:00.590 --> 00:04:03.189 to one video that you can send to someone. Now folks have heard me 53 00:04:03.229 --> 00:04:06.830 talk about the power of bombomb. I use that APP all the time to 54 00:04:08.030 --> 00:04:14.620 send videos via social text email. Linkedin also has a built in way to 55 00:04:14.780 --> 00:04:17.540 send a one to one video. That can get very high response rates. 56 00:04:17.819 --> 00:04:23.259 People know that it is customized to them because you say hey so and so, 57 00:04:23.540 --> 00:04:26.689 and their first name is right there in the video. It's also very 58 00:04:26.730 --> 00:04:30.170 efficient, so even though you're doing one to one follow up, it's going 59 00:04:30.370 --> 00:04:33.410 to land more effectively, but it's not going to take as much time as 60 00:04:33.490 --> 00:04:38.410 typing out those one to one emails. If you don't like video, use 61 00:04:38.529 --> 00:04:43.199 the voice recording option to leave a two thousand and nineteen version of a voice 62 00:04:43.279 --> 00:04:47.079 mail with in someone's linkedin messages. So this allows you to stand out from 63 00:04:47.079 --> 00:04:54.350 the crowd, do a customized message post conference and also avoid the clutter of 64 00:04:54.389 --> 00:04:58.389 the inbox because you're going right to their linkedin messages. Now I've seen some 65 00:04:58.550 --> 00:05:01.670 effectiveness with this and, like I said, you can avoid the clutter of 66 00:05:01.750 --> 00:05:05.709 the inbox. You can do personalized messages that people aren't getting a lot, 67 00:05:05.790 --> 00:05:12.259 video and voice messages right in the linkedin messaging APP. So hopefully this is 68 00:05:12.540 --> 00:05:15.620 helpful to folks and you guys can use this strategy next time you are at 69 00:05:15.699 --> 00:05:19.939 an event or looking to follow up with everyone that you connected with and had 70 00:05:19.980 --> 00:05:25.970 a great conversation with at a conference. I posted about this on instagram a 71 00:05:26.050 --> 00:05:30.649 while back and I thought it was absolutely worthwhile to share here on the podcast. 72 00:05:30.889 --> 00:05:32.810 If you're not yet connected with me on instagram and hit me up there, 73 00:05:32.970 --> 00:05:36.680 I'm at I am Logan Lyles or, as always, on Linkedin, 74 00:05:38.120 --> 00:05:42.560 Logan lyles LOO GA N L Y L es. As always, thank you 75 00:05:42.639 --> 00:05:48.439 so much for listening. We totally get it. We publish a ton of 76 00:05:48.720 --> 00:05:51.670 content on this podcast and it can be a lot to keep up with. 77 00:05:53.189 --> 00:05:57.509 That's why we've started the BB growth big three, a no fluff email that 78 00:05:57.589 --> 00:06:01.350 boils down our three biggest takeaways from an entire week of episodes. Sign up 79 00:06:01.389 --> 00:06:09.339 today at Sweet Phish Mediacom Big Three. That sweet fish Mediacom Big Three