Feb. 2, 2022

#NewPodcast: TV Advertising Blueprints

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There is still a ton of power in TV advertising—even in the digital age. Unlocking that power may seem daunting at first and, of course, comes with a whole host of questions…

TV Advertising Blueprints is a show dedicated to answering those questions and giving you insights, strategies, and tactics to make sure your investment pays off. Because with the right blueprint, TV advertising can entirely transform your business.

So, join us as we draw on our experience and gather insights from other marketing experts to lay out winning plans for TV advertising success.

Looking for more on TV Advertising? 

Check out "All-Inclusive TV", a book full of client stories and firsthand experiences spanning over two decades in the constantly changing advertising industry. All-Inclusive TV provides practical advice for transforming your business through TV advertising—and why it absolutely matters.

WEBVTT 1 00:00:05.679 --> 00:00:11.869 Marketing Architects Introduces TV advertising blueprints, a podcast where we draw on our experience 2 00:00:11.949 --> 00:00:16.550 and gather insights from other marketing experts to lay out winning plans for success. 3 00:00:17.269 --> 00:00:21.579 There's still a ton of power and TV advertising, even in the digital age. 4 00:00:21.859 --> 00:00:25.980 Don't believe me, here it for yourself. I mean to impact our 5 00:00:25.980 --> 00:00:30.100 business is really, I mean, it's really been tremendous. It's really hard 6 00:00:30.100 --> 00:00:34.340 to overstate the impact is have on the business. TV's the biggest megaphone out 7 00:00:34.340 --> 00:00:38.049 there and to be able to not only play in that, in that space 8 00:00:38.090 --> 00:00:41.609 and in that media, but also to be able to measure it to optimize 9 00:00:41.609 --> 00:00:45.090 it has really been game changing. It's definitely, you know, obviously accelerated 10 00:00:45.130 --> 00:00:50.079 our growth and helped us really connect with and reach consumers we just we can't 11 00:00:50.200 --> 00:00:54.479 reach effectively, know, through purely online media. So, like I say, 12 00:00:54.640 --> 00:00:58.479 very, very difficult overstate the impact that it's had on our our ability 13 00:00:58.479 --> 00:01:03.320 to grow and reach those consumers. For more subscribe to the show wherever you 14 00:01:03.399 --> 00:01:03.349 listen to podcasts.