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Thoughtful, Quality Content

Very much worth your time!


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Amazing content!

I love how concise and practical the contents are. Benji and his guests are great at providing real insights that definitely work! I like the authenticity and his honest approach in delivering his content. Such a good show!

Energizing, Illuminating and Insightful! 🙌

Regardless of where you are on your marketing journey - this is a must listen! Benji and the entire B2B Growth team do an incredible job covering all the insights, innovations and headlines you need to know about to stay ahead of the curve as a founder and marketer - with inspiring interviews from industry leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Quality guests with actual, actionable takeaways

This is a marketing podcast that actually gives actionable marketing advice - how refreshing. I listened to B2B Growth for about a year before I had the honor of being a guest. It provides such value. Past hosts were great, and Benji has taken over and is doing a fantastic job. A quality production that’s worth the time investment 👍

If you are a podcaster in the B2B space, then this is a must listen!

James and the entire crew at Sweet Fish do an amazing job educating us on podcasting, B2B, marketing, business, and leadership.

Love it!

It’s definitely worth your time if you are trying to stay informed.

Great show!

The hosts of the B2B Growth podcast, highlights all aspects of marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Fantastic and practical content!

I always leave the podcast episodes with either something practical to implement in my business, or a book to read/someone to follow and learn from. Keep up the good work, James and team!

Best Business Podcasting

James and the team at SweetFish CRUSH the game. Listen and you won't be sorry!

Practical advice!

What I like most about this podcast and SweetFist Media in general is how very practical and tactical they are. When it comes to B2B podcasting and content based networking, they are literately teaching it step by step. Very transparent and very helpful for those who are not their target audience but still want to implement their ways in the business (like my company). Great stuff and it’s been my favorite podcast to listen to!


I highly recommend this podcast! With the variety of hosts and guests, every episode offers great advice and new perspectives!

Great Team Giving Great Value

This team from Sweetfish Media always impresses me with how they live to an incredibly high standard of leading with value. This podcast is just that- a real gift of extraordinary value for B2B marketers/business developers

Dan is one of the honest and sincere

I love the honesty with Dan’s personal take on the subjects he covered. Very practical advice. Keep up the good work!


So many high level guests on this show. I always learn something new!

Very High Level

These guys always bring incredibly high level guests and do an excellent job providing value for all levels of listener. You’re a great model in the industry and always looking forward to your next episode. Chris McCoy National Association of Sales Professionals Leads To Growth Podcast

So much helpful content!

Great show, well produced, and a great variety of guests.

Amazing podcast

I’ve listened to the B2B Growth show since the early days, and I’m always impressed with the breadth of topics, quality of hosting and consistency. Love them!

Awesome podcast!

Between all the different podcast hosts, this podcast is a must listen!

Quality of content matters most

Ok the hosts aren't too bad either :-) this podcast has been one of my favorites for years. Great line up of speakers great editing and sound quality. The information provided by the speakers is master class in marketing and growth.

So much value!

The vast amount of value and knowledge that is in this show never ceases to amaze me! I’ve been listening regularly for a over a year. Looking forward to more!

So much amazing content

This podcast has changed my outlook on so many things and has energized my passion for creating great marketing. One of if not the best tools for my own professional development I’ve found in the last five years. It’s like a college course, from concepts to playbook. Thank you all!

Awesome Podcast to Subscribe To!

Tons of content to learn from! Be sure to check out even the older episodes! Kudos!

Being a guest

It was a pleasure being a guest on here! Love their format.

Awesome Podcast!

The crew at Sweet Fish Media are content beasts. I love the different points of view that they bring onto their shows and am learning a lot. This is not only a great podcast for learning some new topics but it's also a great one to learn how to reverse engineer how to do podcasting. I'm impressed by the interviewing techniques that Logan uses and am actually studying his cadence to help with some of my projects. Great job Sweet Fish!

These guys truly innovate

The content is fresh and it seems like they’re always pioneering something new in the marketing space.

More than B2B

James provides knowledge that is applicable to everyone’s daily life, from a marketer to a sales rep to even younger demo that are looking to get a feel of their route and fit in their world. Thank you Logan, the production team, and all of the guests that were able to take time to present their experiences with us.

All around fantastic.

Quality content with practical advice. Gets straight to the point with the “good stuff”.

To the point

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast. Quick, to the point, and practical. Not a lot of fluff.

Good listen

Some episodes are great! Interviews are concise and I enjoy the views and insights.