Dec. 31, 2020

NewPodcast: The Employee Safety Podcast

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Introducing A New Podcast: The Employee Safety Podcast 

The Employee Safety Podcast is for professionals responsible for the safety and well-being of their employees. Today’s world has a wide array of threats: wildfires, hurricanes, civil unrest, acts of violence, a global pandemic. We will discuss how to protect your employees from all of these threats—whether they’re in the office, working remotely, or traveling for business. 

Each episode features an interview with a leader in employee safety, discussing topics such as emergency preparedness, business continuity, critical communication, severe weather, pandemic response, and more. 

Check out the new show on Apple Podcasts or in your favorite podcast player. 

WEBVTT 1 00:00:06.040 --> 00:00:11.030 Hello. If you are new here, This is the new podcast, Siri's, where we introduce 2 00:00:11.030 --> 00:00:15.130 you to new podcast and the B two b realm. I'm your host, Kelsey Course 3 00:00:15.130 --> 00:00:19.250 with Sweet Fish Media. This week, I would like to introduce you to Alert 4 00:00:19.250 --> 00:00:24.170 Media and their brand new show called The Employees Safety Podcast. This show 5 00:00:24.170 --> 00:00:28.190 is for professionals responsible for safety and well being of their 6 00:00:28.190 --> 00:00:34.160 employees. Today's world has a wide array of threats wildfires, hurricanes 7 00:00:34.160 --> 00:00:38.810 and a global pandemic. This show will discuss how to protect your employees 8 00:00:38.810 --> 00:00:42.780 from all of these threats, whether they're in the office, working remotely 9 00:00:42.790 --> 00:00:46.840 or traveling for business. If you think you'll find the show valuable after you 10 00:00:46.840 --> 00:00:50.970 check out this quick snippet, just search the employee safety podcast in 11 00:00:50.970 --> 00:00:55.370 Apple or your favorite podcast player makes you subscribe. And if you really 12 00:00:55.370 --> 00:00:58.540 like it, don't forget to leave her a view. It's a great way to help people 13 00:00:58.540 --> 00:01:04.900 find new podcast content. Okay, let's jump into the snippet. People in your 14 00:01:04.900 --> 00:01:08.580 organization need to play their part, but you could benefit tremendously from 15 00:01:08.580 --> 00:01:11.800 a much wider community that can provide advice and assistance. When things go 16 00:01:11.800 --> 00:01:16.590 bad people, you'll find, just wanna help when disaster strikes and that 17 00:01:16.590 --> 00:01:20.410 help is much more valuable and timely when the relationships are established 18 00:01:20.410 --> 00:01:24.350 in advance. When you're in the middle of an emergency community, absolutely, 19 00:01:24.350 --> 00:01:28.070 is everything. So I guess, to sum it up, really, I suppose I'd say that the 20 00:01:28.070 --> 00:01:32.160 overarching goal of this podcast is to help build a community around the topic 21 00:01:32.160 --> 00:01:36.110 of employees safety. We really do want to create a place where experts in the 22 00:01:36.110 --> 00:01:40.970 industry can pass advice and best practices to others in the field. All 23 00:01:40.970 --> 00:01:45.030 right, we really hope you enjoyed that short clip. Each episode features an 24 00:01:45.030 --> 00:01:49.300 interview with the leader in employee safety, discussing topics such as 25 00:01:49.310 --> 00:01:54.230 emergency preparedness, business continuity, severe weather, pandemic 26 00:01:54.230 --> 00:01:58.510 response and so much more. Again, if you think you would enjoy the show, 27 00:01:58.520 --> 00:02:02.910 just search the employee safety podcast in Apple or wherever you do your 28 00:02:02.910 --> 00:02:06.930 listening subscribe lever of You if you like it. And don't forget to tell a 29 00:02:06.930 --> 00:02:10.430 friend if you think they'd enjoy it, thank you so much and have a wonderful 30 00:02:10.430 --> 00:02:10.870 day. 31 00:02:13.840 --> 00:02:19.140 Gary B. Says it all the time, and we agree every company should think of 32 00:02:19.140 --> 00:02:24.900 themselves as a media company first, then whatever it is they actually do if 33 00:02:24.900 --> 00:02:28.440 you know this is true, but your team has already maxed out and you can't 34 00:02:28.440 --> 00:02:32.840 produce any more content and house, we can help. We produce podcast for some 35 00:02:32.840 --> 00:02:36.760 of the most innovative BB brands in the world, and we also help them turn the 36 00:02:36.760 --> 00:02:41.450 content from the podcast and the block posts, micro videos and slide decks 37 00:02:41.450 --> 00:02:44.870 that work really well on LinkedIn. If you wanna learn more, go to Sweet Fish 38 00:02:44.870 --> 00:02:51.070 Media com slash launch or email Logan at sweet fish media dot com.